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Celebrating Unity in Diversity: Asian Games 2023 Kick Off in Hangzhou

Asian Games 2023 Hangzhou- has started. A big celebration of the world of sports is going to take place between 23 September and 8 October in which 10,000 players from 45 countries of Asia are participating. In this Asian Games 2023, North Korea has By participating, North Korea ended its isolation, due to which North Korea was not participating in foreign games till now, but India is among the few countries which have always participated in the series of these Asian Games which started in 1951. There are many other countries too. If we talk about the Asian Games and look into its history, we clearly see the importance of sports, which makes this conference meaningful and meaningful by promoting competition among players and sportsman spirit and providing an opportunity for different cultures of the world to meet each other. Apart from sports, this gathering also includes traditional music and dance arts which gives a glimpse of the colorful heritage of the host country. Apart from India, countries like Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand are also included.

All  participating countries in Asian Games 2023:

  1. Afghanistan (AFG)
  2. Kazakhstan (KAZ)
  3. Philippines (PHI)
  4. Bahrain (BRN)
  5. Kuwait (KUW)
  6. Qatar (QAT)
  7. Bangladesh (BAN)
  8. Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)
  9. Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  10. Bhutan (BHU)
  11. Laos (LAO)
  12. Singapore (SGP)
  13. Brunei (BRU)
  14. Lebanon (LBN)
  15. South Korea (KOR)
  16. Cambodia (CAM)
  17. Macau (MAC)
  18. Sri Lanka (SRI)
  19. China (CHN)
  20. Malaysia (MAS)
  21. Syria (SYR)
  22. Chinese Taipei (TPE)
  23. Maldives (MDV)
  24. Tajikistan (TJK)
  25. Hong Kong (HKG)
  26. Mongolia (MGL)
  27. Thailand (THA)
  28. India (IND)
  29. Myanmar (MYA)
  30. Timor-Leste (TLS)
  31. Indonesia (INA)
  32. Nepal (NEP)
  33. Turkmenistan (TKM)
  34. Iran (IRI)
  35. North Korea (PRK)
  36. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  37. Iraq (IRQ)
  38. Oman (OMA)
  39. Uzbekistan (UZB)
  40. Japan (JPN)
  41. Pakistan (PAK)
  42. Vietnam (VIE)
  43. Jordan (JOR)
  44. Palestine (PLE)
  45. Yemen (YEM)
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