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BJP’s Resolute Step: BJP’s First List Ignites Determination for Upcoming State Polls

For the upcoming elections to be held in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Bharatiya Janata Party has surprised all its rival parties by releasing the first list of election candidates in advance. 39 out of 230 candidates have been announced in Madhya Pradesh, including 5 women candidates. And the first list of 21 candidates out of 90 in Chhattisgarh, in which 5 women candidates have been included. This last election round is very important for the BJP before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2024. These five states will decide the direction of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and The situation will decide and the BJP’s challenges in these states are also not less. In the elections held in 2018, the BJP had to face defeat in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. In Madhya Pradesh too, the Congress formed the government, but in between Jyotiraditya Scindia and his faction’s MLAs Due to the change of party to BJP, the power came back to the BJP. Seeing the importance of these elections, the central leadership is fully active and now from when the code of conduct will be implemented, what will be the date of election and in how many phases the election will be held. While this has not happened yet, the party has released the first list of candidates showing that the party has entered the field strongly in the semi-finals before the final match of 2024.


First list of BJP for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections 2023-

  1. Sarla Vijender Rawat from Sabalgarh
  2. Sumavali to Adal Singh Kansana
  3. Lal Singh Arya from Gohad (SC)
  4. Pritam Lodhi from Pichor
  5. Priyanka Meena from Chachoda
  6. Jagannath Singh Raghuvanshi from Chanderi
  7. Virendra Singh Lambardar from Banda
  8. Kamakhya Pratap Singh from Maharajpur
  9. Lalita Yadav from Chhatarpur
  10. Lakhan Patel from Patharia
  11. Rajesh Kumar Verma from Gunnaur (SC)
  12. Surendra Singh Gaharwar from Chitrakoot
  13. Hirasingh Shyam from Pushprajgarh (ST)
  14. Dhirendra Singh from Barwara (ST)
  15. Neeraj Thakur from Bargi
  16. Anchal Sonkar from Jabalpur East (SC)
  17. Omprakash Dhurve from Shahpura (ST)
  18. Dr. Vijay Anand Maravi from Bichiya (ST)
  19. Bhagat Singh Netam from Baihar (ST)
  20. Rajkumar Karraye from Lanji
  21. Kamal Maskole from Barghat (ST)
  22. Mahendra Nagesh from Gotegaon (SC)
  23. Sausar to Nanabhau Mohod
  24. Prakash Uikey from Pandhurna (ST)
  25. Chandrashekhar Deshmukh from Multai
  26. Mahendra Singh Chauhan from Bhainsdehi (ST)
  27. Alok Sharma from Bhopal North
  28. Dhruv Narayan Singh from Bhopal Central
  29. Rajesh Sonkar from Sonkach (SC)
  30. Rajkumar Meo from Maheshwar (SC)
  31. Atmaram Patel from Kasrawad
  32. Nagar Singh Chauhan from Alirajpur (ST)
  33. Bhanu Bhuria from Jhabua (ST)
  34. Nirmala Bhuria from Petlavad (ST)
  35. Jaideep Patel from Kukshi (ST)
  36. Kalu Singh Thakur from Dharampuri (ST)
  37. Madhu Verma from Rau
  38. Tarachand Goel from Tarana (SC)
  39. Satish Malviya from Ghatiya (SC)



First list of BJP for Chhattisgarh assembly elections 2023-

  1. Premnagar to Bhulan Singh Maravi
  2. Bhatgaon to Laxmi Rajwada
  3. Shakuntala Singh Porthe from Pratappur (ST)
  4. Ramvichar Netam from Ramanujganj (ST)
  5. Praboj Bhinj from Lundra (ST)
  6. Mahesh Sahu from Kharsia
  7. Harishchandra Rathia from Dharmajagarh (ST)
  8. Korba to Lakhanlal Dewangan
  9. Pranav Kumar Marpachi from Marwahi (ST)
  10. Sarla Kosaria from Saraipali (SC)
  11. Alka Chandrakar from Khallari
  12. Asharam Netam from Kanker (ST)
  13. Indrakumar Sahu from Abhanpur
  14. Rajim to Rohit Sahu
  15. Shravan Markam from Sihawa (ST)
  16. Devlal Halwa Thakur from Daundi Lohara (ST)
  17. Vijay Baghel from Patan
  18. Vikrant Singh from Khairagarh
  19. Geeta Ghasi Sahu from Khujji
  20. Sanjeev Saha from Mohla Manpur (ST)
  21. Maniram Kashyap from Bastar (ST)

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