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Ladli Behana Yojana: 1.31 Crore Sisters Receive Sixth Instalment in Pre-Election Boost

Even before Dhanteras, the Ladli Behana of Madhya Pradesh received the sixth installment under the Ladli Behana Yojana.

About 1.31 crore sisters of the state are getting the benefits of the scheme which started in March 2023. Under this scheme, the Madhya Pradesh government has released an amount of Rs 1250 as the sixth instalment on 7 November 2023, even before the festival of Dhanteras. It has been transferred to the accounts of all the Ladli Behana.

On 7th November 2023, the Ladli Behana of Madhya Pradesh got the sixth instalment of the scheme and Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections are on 17th November 2023. Voting for which is taking place in the entire Madhya Pradesh in a single phase this time, which is on 17th November. The Ladli Behana of Madhya Pradesh will definitely remember the financial benefits received so close to the elections.

This scheme is capable of spoiling the electoral mathematics of many assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh. Where from today some important people’s base of Madhya Pradesh was seen in opposition to the Shivraj government. Today, after getting the benefit of this scheme, the dear sister of the state is BJP is singing the praises of the government. Now the question is how many of the 1.31 crore beneficiary Ladli Behana vote in favour of Shivraj Singh. There is no doubt that after this scheme, there will be a change in the attitude towards the BJP government among the voters. change has come.

Now its next instalment will go to the new government coming in the state. And only that new government will decide whether this scheme will continue in the future or not. If BJP government is formed again in the state, then this scheme will continue. This will continue and as State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that going forward there is a plan to increase the benefit amount from Rs 1250 to Rs 3000.

And if the coming government is formed by the Congress Party, then this scheme will be ended here and as the party has said in the manifesto of the Congress Party that if their government is formed then the Ladli Behana will be given the rate of ₹ 1500 and ₹ 500 for cylinder( Funds will be given to the sisters for cooking gas).


On this occasion, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said on X (formerly Twitter) that


Lakshmi resides in the hands of the women of the house, Mother Annapurna resides there, she makes small savings, and when the need arises, she tells the house, don’t worry, I have money.


And this was the objective of the Ladli Brahmin Yojana, that my sisters should remain confident and say with pride that I help;


But a Behana is a Behana, the embodiment of Lakshmi; Dear sister Yojana showed her the path to the destination, she is building it herself, starting her own work and moving forward Ladli Bahana Yojana –






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