Hamas releases two American citizensHamas releases two American citizens
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Hamas releases two American citizens

Hamas mediated the row between Israel and America. After this, Hamas released two American citizens, including Judith Ratna (59) and her daughter Natalie Ratna (17).
This is the first incident since the terrorist attack and massacre by Hamas on Israel in which any of the hostages taken by Humas have been released. Hundreds of Israelis and many citizens of other countries are still in the custody of Hamas.

Hamas spokeswoman Abu Ubeida said that due to the mediation efforts made by Qatar, we have released these hostages on humanitarian grounds and to prove the fascist government of America wrong, as we have said before. Foreign citizens are like guests here. Foreign hostages will be released as per the circumstances.
But in this, Humas spokesperson Abu Ubaida did not clarify what Hamas would do with those who have dual citizenship.
According to local news, both mother and daughters have dual citizenship (Israel-American).

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that 10 people are still missing.

“We know that some of them are being held hostage by Hamas,” Mr Blinken said.




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