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India’s Dominant Victory Over Australia Sets World Cup Tone

Yesterday, watching the second ODI cricket match played between India and Australia, it seemed that our cricketers are very serious about the World Cup. This kind of performance was seen by the Indian team especially against Australia, which every Indian will be proud of. The cricket team has hoisted the flag of victory by winning the second ODI match of the 3rd ODI series by a huge margin of 99 runs.

The Indian team lost the first wicket very early in the form of Rituraj and Rituraj went to the pavilion after scoring 8

Shubhman Gill
Shubhman Gill

runs on 12 balls. After that, Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill took over the Indian innings. In which Suman Gill scored the first wicket of 104 runs on 97 balls. After scoring his fifth century of this ODI and this year, he was caught out by Curry on the green ball. Shreyas Iyer also gave the second century to the Indian team by scoring 150 runs on 90 balls. After that, Ishan Kishan came for the first time. But by hitting a six, the Australian team’s secret enthusiasm cooled down and after scoring 31 runs on 18 balls, he was caught out by Carry on a jump ball and captain KL Rahul came at number four and scored 52 runs on 38 balls, after which Suryakumar Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja and Nekram Shah remained not out after scoring 72 runs on 37 balls and 13 runs on no balls, thus giving Australia a target of 400 runs by scoring 399 runs in India, which is the highest target given by India in the match between India and Australia so far. It was a big target.

After that, Australia’s batting magic started and the match had to be stopped twice due to rain. Due to rain, Australia was given a target of 317 runs in 33 overs. In which Warner scored 53 runs on 39 balls and Abbott scored 36 balls. But scored 54. Apart from this, no Australian player even hid the figure of 30 runs and in 28.02 overs instead of 33 overs, Australia got bundled out for 217 runs and looking at such performance, it seems that the Indian cricket team is going to win the upcoming World Cup. All the players are fully prepared for the World Cup. All the players are in their form. It would probably be very difficult for me to select which player should be in and which player should be out, although the Indian team has already been selected for the World Cup. L

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