israel hamas conflictisrael hamas conflict
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 Islamic world Reactions to the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Decades have passed since the dispute between Israel and Palestine, but recently the situation has become very serious due to the continuous attacks by Hamas on Israel and Hamas’s attack on Israel happened at a time when Israel and other Muslim countries  The relations between the two are moving towards rapid improvement in which both sides have taken appreciable steps from their respective sides. Like many other Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, a key member of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) also wants its relations to improve.  

Hamas attack on Israel
attack On Israel

 Responding to this, the OIC said that it is concerned about Israel’s military action on the occupied land in Palestine, which has martyred hundreds of people and injured a large number of Palestinians.


 The UAE responded by saying :


 “Hamas attacks on Israeli cities and villages near the Gaza Strip have escalated the conflict. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at populated areas.” In its response, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) directly blamed Hamas.  isl


 Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that “Saudi Arabia appeals to both sides to abandon violence. Along with this, it appeals to restore the security of citizens of both sides and maintain restraint.”


 “The explosive situation in Gajapati is the result of Israel’s continuous occupation and depriving the Palestinian people of their legal rights.”


As a NATO member, we feel that Turkey’s response against other Muslim countries has been largely restrained. It said that:

 “Neither side will benefit from an increase in violence. Turkey is always ready to cooperate in controlling the situation. This tragic incident has proved that Israel and Palestine are two nations. This incident has once again highlighted the importance of this viewpoint.  It has been proved again. We appeal to both the parties to leave the path of violence and work towards a permanent solution. “



Qatar also responded by saying that it is also keeping an eye on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.



Malaysia said it was concerned about the deaths in the conflict.


Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry said that this problem has to be solved somehow.



Initially, when Israel attacked Israel with missiles and rockets, Pakistan did not give any reaction against Hamas’ attack and when Israel retaliated against Hamas in response, it also did not give any reaction to Pakistan.  Not kept but now Pakistan says that:

 “Pakistan stands in support of Palestine and calls for an end to the violence and atrocities of the Israeli occupation army.”

Bangladesh and Maldives: Both the countries also supported Palestine and responded by saying that Palestine should get its rights.

 And as far as Iran is concerned, Iran’s reaction and stance in this entire incident is the most clear. It has openly supported Hamas’ attack on Israel. Iran’s Foreign Ministry says that:

“Hamas’ operation is a response to the Al Aqsa Flood Resistance Group and the persecuted Palestinians. It is an action taken in support of the Palestinians’ rights.”

Hamas has already said that we have Iran’s full support for our attack on Israel.

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