elvish yadav caseManeka Gandhi Points Fingers at Elvish Yadav
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Maneka Gandhi Points Fingers at Elvish Yadav for Organizing Illegal Rave Parties

Elvish Yadav:

An NGO filed a complaint with the Noida Police against Elvish Yadav, in which there are many allegations like organizing a rave party illegally, inviting foreign guests, serving snake poison and other drugs, and the name that is coming to the fore in all this. That’s quite shocking.

That name is of a very famous YouTuber and Bigg Boss winner, Elvis Yadav.

The matter is that the police of Sector 49 of Noida, based on the information received from the informer, conducted a raid. What was found in my raid were nine types of snakes which included five cobras and 20 ml of snake venom. The police also arrested five people.

The whole matter is like this that there is an organization PFA (People For Animal) whose director is animal lover and MP Maneka Gandhi. A complaint was lodged in Noida Sector 49 police station by Gaurav Gupta, a worker of the PFA organization, in which it was said that we It was reported that a person named Elvish Yadav shoots videos on YouTube with his group in a farm house in Noida NCR with snake venom and live snakes and organizes illegal Rav Parties in which foreign girls are invited. Consumes snake venom and other intoxicants. On this information, our informant Khas contacted Elvis Yadav in this whole matter and asked him to arrange Rave Party and snakes and cobra venom in Noida, on which he informed his agent Rahul. Told his name and gave his mobile number and said that he should talk to this person by taking my name. When the person named by him was contacted by Elvis on phone and he was told about the party, then that person Rahul said that wherever you say. I will come there with my friends along with the snakes.

Informer’s information: Police conducted a raid in Sector 51 of Noida in which 9 snakes and 20 ml snake venom were also recovered. When the five arrested people were interrogated, they named Elvis Yadav as the kingpin. So it is certain that the times to come will be full of difficulties for Elvis Yadav because the sections included in the FIR are non-bailable sections.

Sections imposed on the accused –

Those are non-bailable sections, then the sections imposed are as follows: Section 9, 39, 48 A, 49, 50 and 51 of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972.

People arrested –

Rahul, Titu Nath, Jaikaran, Narayan and Ravinath.


who said what:


Maneka Gandhi- Maneka Gandhi termed Elvis Yadav as the main accused and said, “This is Elvis Yadav, the police should arrest him because he is its kingpin. He is not only wearing a snake but also supplies drugs to the party. This is what this boy does.” “According to the information given by Maneka Gandhi in her statement, this is the second raid in a week in which arrest has been made. And this Elvis Yadav supplies drugs in parties in Noida and Gurgaon.

Elvis Yadav – Elvis Yadav said that all the allegations made against me are absolutely false. All are fake. There is not even a single percent truth in them. I am ready to fully cooperate with the UP Police, and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi While requesting Adityanath, Elvis Yadav said that, if there is even one percent truth in these allegations, then I am ready to take all the responsibility.


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