rajendra bharti and Narottam Mishra
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Datia Assembly Elections 2023: Congress Nominates Rajendra Bharti as Competing Candidate


Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Narottam Mishra fills the form with Datia under the assembly elections 2023 in Madhya Pradesh. Narottam Mishra first went to Pitambara Peeth and took darshan of Pitambara Mai and took her blessings. After that he went to Collectorate and filled his nomination. Jana Par he said that people are God for us and Congress people only consider them as votes.

Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan Yashodhara Raje also reached Datia to seek blessings of Pitambara Mata.While posting the photo on Twitter, Narottam Mishra ji wrote that “पूर्व मंत्री जी वसुंधरा राजे जी से सौजन्य भेंट”Mrs.Yashodhara rajey

Congress has nominated Rajendra Bharti from Datia here. Rajendra Bharti Rajendra Bharti is also a popular leader of Datia who has won the assembly elections twice before once in 1985 and second time in 1998. Rajendra Bharti also this year January 2023 I have given an open letter to Hon’ble Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra in which he mentioned several suspicious murders in Datia district including former MLA and social worker.

Now the coming time is the election time. In this time, the charge sheet form in every Vidhan Sabha is now intense. It is to see which party has been successful in forming the government in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2023.






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