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Rising Intolerance: Anti-Hindu Rally in Kerala sparks controversy

In a disturbing incident on July 26, 2023, around 300 people were accused of shouting provocative slogans against Hindus in Kerala, sending shockwaves across the state. Most of the accused are members of the Indian Muslim League (IUML) youth wing, whose solidarity march in Kanhangad has taken a dangerous turn. An alleged demonstration in support of victims of violence in Manipur has become a worrying display of intolerance towards the Hindu community. Anti-Hindu slogans like “We will burn you alive!” and “We will hang you from the temples!”” They were sung out of shame and created an atmosphere of fear among the Indian locals. Amid the chaos, concerns were raised about the release of Abdul Nasar Madani, a suspect in the 2008 Bangalore blast, by the newly elected Karnataka Congress government. Speculation suggests that this development is a possible cause of the growing anti-Hindu sentiment in Kerala.

Reports from indicate that the Kasargod rally also chanted despicable anti-Hindu slogans and that a significant number of those attending were members of, or were instigated by, the IUML. It sheds light on the disturbing history of growing religious divisions under Prime Minister Pinaraya Vijayan. The situation has left 54 ​​per cent of Kerala’s Hindu population insecure, particularly due to the rise of church-backed ‘pacifist’ radicals. extremists. In response to a complaint by BJP leader Kanhangad Mandalam, police launched an investigation into the protesters under Section 153A of the IPC, which deals with promoting hostilities between different religious groups. So far, however, no arrests have been reported. To solve this problem, the General Secretary of the Youth League, P.K.Firoz confirmed the expulsion of the employee who brandished the provocative slogan. To placate the media and the BJP, Mr Firoz said party activists had deviated from their accepted slogans. Despite these assurances, the BJP faction in Kerala strongly condemned the anti-Hindu slogans circulated during the demonstration. They called the Muslim League’s actions utterly reprehensible and unjustified and called on Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi to respond to the actions of the party, which he considers “secular”.’ As Kerala struggles with the aftermath of this incident, its aim is to restore social harmony and promote an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance between diverse communities. It is vital that country leaders face up to these challenges and promote a united and inclusive society that respects the principles of peace and coexistence.


  1. What happened during the anti-Hindu rally in Kerala?

Approximately 300 individuals participated in a solidarity march organized by the Indian Union Muslim League’s (IUML) youth wing in Kanhangad, Kerala. During the rally, provocative slogans against Hindus were raised, sparking controversy and concern.

  1. Who were the main participants of the rally?

Most of the accused individuals involved in raising the anti-Hindu slogans were either members of the IUML’s youth wing or were incited by them.

  1. What were the slogans chanted during the rally?

Disturbing anti-Hindu slogans like “We will burn you alive!” and “We will hang you in your temples!” were part of the chants during the rally, creating an atmosphere of fear among Hindu residents.

  1. What caused the rise of intolerance against Hindus in Kerala?

The release of Abdul Nasar Madani, a suspect in the 2008 Bangalore blast, by the newly elected Congress government in Karnataka, is speculated to have contributed to the rising anti-Hindu sentiment in Kerala.

  1. How did the police respond to the incident?

The police filed cases against the rally participants under Section 153A of the IPC, which deals with promoting enmity between different religious groups. However, no arrests have been reported yet.

  1. Has the IUML taken any action regarding the slogans raised during the rally?

Yes, the IUML expelled the worker who raised the provocative slogan, claiming that the party workers had deviated from approved slogans.

  1. How has the BJP and other political factions reacted to the incident?

The Kerala BJP faction condemned the anti-Hindu slogans and labeled the actions of the Muslim League as utterly reprehensible and unjustifiable. They called for Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi to respond to the incident.

  1. What impact has the incident had on the Hindu community in Kerala?

Kerala’s 54% Hindu population feels insecure due to the rise of church-supported radical ‘peaceful’ extremists, adding to concerns about communal harmony in the state.

  1. How are state leaders addressing the situation?

As the state grapples with the aftermath of the incident, the focus remains on restoring communal harmony and fostering an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance among its diverse communities.

  1. What measures are being taken to promote a united, inclusive society in Kerala?

Efforts are being made to address the challenges and promote an environment that upholds the principles of peace and coexistence, encouraging dialogue and understanding between different religious groups.

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