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Rahul Gandhi

The Supreme Court has Suspended Conviction

Today,the Supreme Court has Suspended Conviction Of Defamation in the case of “Modi surname”. the Supreme Court has stayed the order of the Magistrate Court in which petitioner Purnesh Modi had filed a defamation case on Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Modi surname and sentenced Mr. Rahul Gandhi to the maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment in the Magistrate Court of Surat Without which Rahul Gandhi’s parliament membership was dismissed. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice PR Gavai, Justice PS Narasimbha and Justice Sanjay Kumar stayed the sentence of Rahul Gandhi. This case first went to the Magistrate Court in which He was sentenced to 2 years, after that he did not get relief from the High Court, he was granted bail in the Sessions Court and now the Supreme Court asked the Magistrate Court that in this case of defamation, maximum 2 years imprisonment should be given to Rahul Gandhi. Why was the sentence of one year given because even if the sentence was less than 2 years and 1 day i.e. 11 months 29 days, then the membership of a Member of Parliament would not have been suspended. Now it depends on the Lok Sabha Secretariat to restore Rahul Gandhi’s membership. How much time does it take. The petitioner in this case is Pune Modi and to present his side, Mahesh Jethmalani and Abhishek Manu Singhvi presented the Congress side in the court.

In the press conference organized by the Congress party today, Congress lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi told the media that-

“Today the truth and courage has won, it is not only the victory of Rahul Gandhi, it is the victory of democracy, it is the victory of the constitution and it is the victory of common people. We hope that now BJP has a special department which plays many games and tricks. Keys and other games will put a lock on that department what they do by unbridled targeting of opposition leaders will now at least stop to some extent if not stop completely

So l we are now eager to listen to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s loud voice in the Parliament on issues related to the public and make the Modi government accountable on basic issues, you will again see this inside the Parliament There was a candidate from outside, as people are saying, there will be a storm of questions again when Rahul Gandhi returns to Parliament “- Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Although the detailed order of the court has not been received till the time of writing the report, this report has been written on the basis of the live process of the court and the information received in the press conference of the Congress.

According to BBC –

“This will have to be done immediately,” PDT Achary, former secretary general of the lower house, told the BBC. He added that Mr Gandhi can start attending the ongoing parliament session from Monday.

 “If the matter pertaining to his conviction is not settled, he would still be eligible to contest the next general elections,” he said. Supreme court on Rahul Gandhi- Mr Gandhi that he should have been more careful while making the alleged remarks.

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